Find an internship is an excellent resource for all students looking to get some experience in the work force prior to – or soon after – graduation. The site is loaded with internship listings from all over the world and offer positions in nearly all fields of study. Most importantly, the listings tell users whether the internship is paid or unpaid or if college credit is available.

Additionally, each listing clearly states if there is a deadline to apply, a short description of the internship, the company information, and instructions for applying. offers numerous convenient resources and tools to assist students with their search. Tools, such as the QuickBuild Resume and Cover Letter builder, are effective and pretty easy to use. The site also offers an Internship Predictor quiz which helps accurately suggest different types of internships to search for.

Other resources included in the Student Tool Kit are articles on how to correctly follow up with a company, how to successfully prepare for an interview, and tips for building a successful portfolio. Articles on are extremely helpful, particularly if you are unsure what to do after bulding a resumes and writing a cover letters. also offers templates for resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and acceptance letters.

Overall, the web site is a very useful tool when it comes to your internship quest. Registration is required to use many of the tools; however, most tools are available with a free membership.

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