Tablets, notebooks, and netbooks

We live in a technological world – it is  something we cannot change or escape.  With this increased growth, we have seen the abundance of 3G and now 4G devices and companies are pushing products out left and right trying to meet the demand of a wireless and mobility crazed world.  Following are there advantages and disadvantages to the top three trending mobile devices.

First, the all-popular tablets devices (i.e. iPad).  Hailed by many as one of the technological breakthroughs of the century this mobile device is pretty much limited to what it can do because it is so new.  If you are looking for something to browse the web, check out and read the latest headlines and use Facebook, Apple has hit a home run with you.  However, if you are looking for a device that has a word processor and can multitask with the speed of a small computer this device is not quite there.

Netbooks have grown in popularity over the past few years.  With the cellular world increasing, selling mobile Internet plans with them it makes these little machines hard to beat.  Netbooks are small in size and reasonable in price; they also offer word processing power and internet browsing which makes these little bundles a must-have for the businessman.  Similar to its companion, tablets have their downturns.  If you are a person who has to have a big screen, all the bells and whistles, and like lots of memory and processing power, the netbook may not be a wise choicwe.

Thus, leaving the culminating favorite – the notebook.  The notebook – or laptop – has withstood the test of several centuries as an icon in the business and educational world.  The notebook offers mobility, speed, graphics, word processing, and web browsing.  The only thing it lacks is the vast ability to expand like its stationary companion, the desktop computer.  Companies like Apple and HP are cranking out top-of-line machines that the challengers in the mobile market just cannot catch.

In all, these devices make great stocking-stuffers or portable machines.  Like everything in life, it ultimately comes down to choosing the right tool for the job.  Now that you have some information on these devices, you are able to go out and make a wise decision the next time you are in the hunt for new technology.

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