Paw up on CatPAWS

Fall has set cast onto the Northwest campus.  Along with winning football, chilly nights, and midterm exams, class registration is right around the corner.  To register for classes, you will need to become very aware – if you have not already – of your CatPAWS account.  CatPAWS is where all of the adding and dropping of classes takes place for all undergraduate and graduate students at Northwest.

CatPAWS is a simplistic system that makes it easy and fair to be able to register for the classes you need to obtain your degree.  Upperclassmen – and students with more credit hours – are able to register before freshmen and students with less credit hours. Most freshmen have completed 0 credit hours thus far; some carried a few credit hours over from high school classes.  To register, you must search for the class that best suits you within the department it is taught in.  Let’s take Geography as an example.  First, you will need to search for the class under the ‘Search Classes’ key under the ‘Add or Drop Classes’ option in CatPAWS.  Select the Geography option and click ‘Search’.  The things you need to look for when your search results pop up include time of class, professor, how many seats are left and the location of the class; these are all variables that may factor into your decision of whether or not you are interested in taking this particular section of the class.

As soon as it is decided which section to take, locate the Course Registration Number (CRN) of the class.  As soon as you take note of the CRN, return to the add or drop classes page and scroll to the bottom.  A section of separate boxes allow you to add multiple CRNs. Once the numbers are added to the fields, click the Add Classes button.  The classes will then be added to your classes for next trimester.  If you have trouble registering for certain classes online, feel free to contact a PERT for assistance. Also, certain classes may require a physical add/drop slip with certain signatures that are available in the Registrar’s Office (Administration Building, 2nd floor).

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