Outlook vs. Web Based Mail

Do you ever get tired of only having “the basics” with your Northwest email account when you check your mail online? Most likely, this is because you are using Northwest’s Web-based email system. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 offers more than just the basics! Outlook and Web Based Mail are similar in many ways, though. Both [more…]

Tricks & tips – October

Keyboard shortcuts Fn + PrtSc, make a copy image of the current screen Fn + F9, decreases the brightness of the screen Fn + F10, increases the brightness of the screen Ctrl + U, underline selected text

Find an internship

Internships.com is an excellent resource for all students looking to get some experience in the work force prior to – or soon after – graduation. The site is loaded with internship listings from all over the world and offer positions in nearly all fields of study. Most importantly, the listings tell users whether the internship is paid [more…]

The Toshiba Libretto

In a world where new technology is introduced daily, companies strive to make their product better than the competition. Toshiba has outdone themselves with their new and innovative product called the Toshiba Libretto. The Libretto is the world’s first dual screen Windows 7 computer. When closed, the Libretto looks more like an oversized Nintendo DS but, when [more…]

Tech-related organizations

No matter what major a student has declared at Northwest Missouri State University, he or she is bound to deal with technology in one form or another to get a job done. Advances in technology have given students the ability to conduct research, easily communicate with peers and professionals, and do homework. Even after school, [more…]

Tablets, notebooks, and netbooks

We live in a technological world – it is  something we cannot change or escape.  With this increased growth, we have seen the abundance of 3G and now 4G devices and companies are pushing products out left and right trying to meet the demand of a wireless and mobility crazed world.  Following are there advantages [more…]

Paw up on CatPAWS

Fall has set cast onto the Northwest campus.  Along with winning football, chilly nights, and midterm exams, class registration is right around the corner.  To register for classes, you will need to become very aware – if you have not already – of your CatPAWS account.  CatPAWS is where all of the adding and dropping [more…]