Geocaching, modern man's hide-n-seek

Tired of doing homework already? If you are like me, the answer is probably “yes.” The question is “What to do?” Thankfully, there is a new activity that has been around for a couple of years called geocaching. Geocaching is like playing electronic hide-and-go-seek. The object of the activity is to take a GPS (Global Positioning System) and enter the coordinates of the cache. Following the on screen directions the GPS will take you – sometimes within 5 feet – of your target; that is the easy part. Now you have to find it.

Gecaches are ranked by their size and difficulty and, no matter how easy they say they are, most novice geocachers have difficulty. Do not stress though; the fun is in the finding.

Most of the caches are in green ammo containers, but some are not. If you think you have found a cache, take it away from public view and crack it open. Inside should be a log book and some tradable goods. After you log your finding, return it where you found it and go onto the next cache. Soon you will be on your way to becoming a geocaching pro.
Note that Geocaching is an outdoor activity. When doing this, to remember to wear appropriate clothing because you will be likely to run into poison ivy and other such plants while exploring; for more information just visit the Geocaching website at

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