Stay on top of the game with news at Northwest.

At Northwest, many media outlets are available to students to seek out to use for their own personal gain; these inform students of what is taking place on campus and in the community. The outlets are all listed and described below.

The Northwest Missourian
The school newspaper is both in print and online based. The online version, found at, covers in-depth stories from what is going on around campus to interesting stories in the community. The Northwest Missourian is an easy-accessible web outlet to inform you on stories that could potentially change your life here at Northwest.

Northwest News
Online press releases are available online that are updated almost daily containing the most up-to-date and breaking news on campus. Northwest News streams right on the Northwest homepage with accessible archives; this is the fastest way to access breaking news on campus.

KZLX-X 106 “The Source”
The campus radio station, KZLX-X 106 streams live online for anyone to listen to it at any time; this is great if you do not have a radio in your room or are at home trying to catch the Bearcat football game. X-106 covers all Maryville area sporting events and plays the latest hits, too. Anyone is able to stream the broadcast anytime from their website at Follow these outlets on Facebook and Twitter! Each outlet stays up-to-date with social media, breaking the latest news directly to your Facebook or Twitter feeds.

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