Have you ever been on a website and wondered what it contained? For example, where each link took you too? Well, if you use the myNorthwest portal from the Northwest website, you may not know all of what you can do!

When you log into myNorthwest, it goes to the site’s homepage. A University calendar is displayed showing all the events happening that day. A Flickr link, a Northwest news section, and many other helpful links are also available. While on myNorthwest, the links in the top right hand corner take you to your eCompanion, web based mail, and the account/payment center. myNorthwest also has tabs that take you to different places.

The first one is a CatPAWS tab – this will take you to your CatPAWS page without having to log in again. On CatPAWS, you can add/drop classes, look up available classes for the next block or semester, and view your academic transcript.

The next tab is the Student Life tab – here you are able to view details about keeping yourself healthy, find info about studying abroad, and view the Residential Life announcement box.

The next tab is the Student Services tab – here you will find information about the Wellness Center and what they do, information about where to find help with your classes, and information about diversity while at Northwest.

The Residential Life tab allows users to find links to your ARCH, BRIDGE, and PERT. Also, you will find info about movie rentals at the station, a Residential Life calendar, and information about RHA.

The Library tab offers all the same information you can find on the Owens Library website in a condensed form. Students are able to search and look up how to cite a resource.

The Campus Services tab allows students to find Campus Dining, Electronic Campus Support Center (the laptop place), University Police, and other campus information.

The Campus Activities tab allows students to find information on Greek Life, the Student Activities Council, important dates, Student Senate, and Homecoming.

Last but not least, we have a tab where you can personalize the stuff you want to see from the myNorthwest homepage; also, there is a tutorial tab for directing you around the myNorthwest page, and an apps page.

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