Apple's new Nano

Everyone is talking about the iPod Nano.  Apple has been releasing smaller and more stylish products for the past few years. The iPods are getting more and more advanced and they are finding ways to sell them for less!

Apple just released the new iPod Nano with a multi-touch screen. The new unit was designed with portability in mind; it is roughly .35 inches taller and wider than the iPod Shuffle. In many ways, the new iPod Nano is an iPod Shuffle with a few additions and improvements. It has a similar button layout to the Shuffle except for the 30-pin connector that is used with other iPods (except for the Shuffle). Some other differences between it and the Shuffle include the Nano stores the same information that the 3rd generation Nano stored except it is no longer able to play video; however, they have put an FM radio onboard. The Nano can play 24 hours of music when fully charged. The 1.5-inch color display is run by an operating system that is similar to the iPod Touch’s or the iPhone’s with features like being able to swipe your finger to switch between tabs or customize the icons on your home screen.

With the media technology becoming more readily available, the price of most portable media devices are falling. If there has ever been a time to invest in one, now is the time to do it because the technology is continually improving. The new trend is centered around making technology more portable and customizable to you.  Apple and other companies are keeping up with this craze in digital media of packing more into less.  Be excited about what will come out next!

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