I need to Skype and I’m a gamer.

As a freshman, you should have attended the Northwest Computing Policies seminar. During the presentation, you were probably thinking to yourself, “Wow, we cannot play Xbox Live or even use the video feature of Skype to talk to our parents about school!” Well, there is a way you can do these things without violating any of the Northwest computing policies. Look in your room. A telephone jack is available right by the Ethernet port that Northwest no longer uses for land-line phones; this is good news for you because, as a Northwest student, you are able to purchase DSL for gaming or video chatting with Skype or another program.

Assume you have decided you want DSL for your room but you do not know where to go. In town the local DSL provider is CenturyLink. What you do need to realize is that you cannot charge this to your University account and you cannot use a wireless router with your DSL.

Now that you have purchased DSL and had CenturyLink come set up your DSL modem there are a couple more things you need to know. You cannot use your new DSL and our Northwest network at the same time. The reason for this is it can interrupt others using the Northwest network. So while you play your games or chat online, students may not be able to get their assignment turned in by midnight resulting. If you are having issues with your DSL service, do not ask your PERT contact your DSL provider; this is something you will have to take care of on your own. Also, some of you may want to share your DSL with your neighbors by having Ethernet cables lying in the halls. Stay away from this as well for Ethernet cables in the hallways is potentially a fire hazard and could result in a fine.

Now, happy gaming! For more questions regarding the Northwest Computing Policies please ask your PERT or visit the Northwest Computing Policies webpage.

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