TV on my computer?

Miss your favorite TV show because of your busy college career? You may want to look into watching TV on your Northwest-provided laptop. The easiest way to watch that favorite TV show is to go to the network’s website. Most TV networks stream their most recent episodes the day after the episode airs on TV.

On the other hand, there are other sites where you can watch shows from several TV networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC, and USA. Two of the most well-known sites are and  Both sites go beyond just showing the most current episode of a TV show by showing some full seasons of past TV series. For example, currently has the first 5 seasons of LOST and the first season of Arrested Development.

Since these websites do not have the rights to every TV show, they have links to other websites to watch these TV shows.  More than likely, these sites will send you to the TV network’s website.

You may be thinking, “My PERT says no downloading on the Northwest Network.” Well, your PERT is right; however, streaming these TV shows adheres to the campus computing policy. Streaming is the same way you watch YouTube videos. If you have questions about the campus computing policies, read your campus computing handbook or look at the campus computing policies on the Information Systems website.

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