Store it. Safe and sound.

With over 7,000 students carrying notebooks on the Northwest campus, it is close to impossible to claim that only a few computers will break down and need to be turned in for replacements.  Every student and facility member is expected to take extra precaution with their files, whether it be documents, programs, music or even movies. Backing up files on an external medium is highly encouraged.

The most strategically planned route would be to purchase an external hard drive and use it as your primary storage facility.  If this is out of your price range, look into purchasing CD or DVDs for file storage.  The process only takes minutes to transfer files from your notebook to the external drive, and when done they are now backed up in a second location.

The University has the right to clear the units hard drive at any time during use, therefore the use of an external hard drive will come in very handy in case of any emergency with your Northwest-provided laptop.  Even if you choose to use a personal computer, investing in memory storage is highly suggested in case any issues come about with your machine. Memory storage units can be purchased at any major electronic retailer, including Best Buy and even Wal-Mart, if you are looking to purchase locally.

Northwest also claims the right to clean the notebook’s hard drive as soon as it is returned to the support center, therefore Bearcats should always be on their toes and ready to transfer their files for safe-keeping.  Northwest also suggests buying a memory storage device, as they are not provided by the University. All of this information is encouraged by policy.

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