Tips & tricks – September

Keyboard shortcuts Alt + F4, quit application or program Ctrl + C, copy Ctrl + V, paste Ctrl + Z, undo last action Ctrl + Y, redo last action Computer care tips

B.D. Owens Library: online features

With no doubt, Owens Library is the number one go-to spot when it is time to bunker down and write all of those dreaded research papers. Students can find books, magazines, periodicals, and tons of other necessary resources for writing papers; however, one resource that tends to be overlooked by students is the Owens Library [more…]

Geocaching, modern man's hide-n-seek

Tired of doing homework already? If you are like me, the answer is probably “yes.” The question is “What to do?” Thankfully, there is a new activity that has been around for a couple of years called geocaching. Geocaching is like playing electronic hide-and-go-seek. The object of the activity is to take a GPS (Global Positioning [more…]


Have you ever been on a website and wondered what it contained? For example, where each link took you too? Well, if you use the myNorthwest portal from the Northwest website, you may not know all of what you can do! When you log into myNorthwest, it goes to the site’s homepage. A University calendar [more…]

Apple's new Nano

Everyone is talking about the iPod Nano.  Apple has been releasing smaller and more stylish products for the past few years. The iPods are getting more and more advanced and they are finding ways to sell them for less! Apple just released the new iPod Nano with a multi-touch screen. The new unit was designed [more…]

Stay on top of the game with news at Northwest.

At Northwest, many media outlets are available to students to seek out to use for their own personal gain; these inform students of what is taking place on campus and in the community. The outlets are all listed and described below. The Northwest Missourian The school newspaper is both in print and online based. The online version, found [more…]

I need to Skype and I’m a gamer.

As a freshman, you should have attended the Northwest Computing Policies seminar. During the presentation, you were probably thinking to yourself, “Wow, we cannot play Xbox Live or even use the video feature of Skype to talk to our parents about school!” Well, there is a way you can do these things without violating any [more…]

Store it. Safe and sound.

With over 7,000 students carrying notebooks on the Northwest campus, it is close to impossible to claim that only a few computers will break down and need to be turned in for replacements.  Every student and facility member is expected to take extra precaution with their files, whether it be documents, programs, music or even [more…]

TV on my computer?

Miss your favorite TV show because of your busy college career? You may want to look into watching TV on your Northwest-provided laptop. The easiest way to watch that favorite TV show is to go to the network’s website. Most TV networks stream their most recent episodes the day after the episode airs on TV.