Social networking – more than just social

Over the years, social networking has become extremely popular among all different types of Internet users throughout the world. Universities use types of social networking tools to encourage online interaction between students and faculty members. Corporations are utilizing social networks to help connect with clients and other businesses. Other people use these sites to keep in contact with friends and family members, find long-lost relatives, and even meet potential life partners.

Because of the rising popularity of social networking, more and more sites are popping up all over the Web. Many sites are strictly used for social purposes such as Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace; however, there are lots of other types of social networking sites available.

LinkedIn is a social networking site that allows users to create professional portfolios which are helpful for job searching. Users can join professional networks including corporations they work for/have worked for in the past, schools they have attended, and organizations they are a part of. This allows users to connect with others on a more professional level and develop great contacts for future employment opportunities. Some features that make this different from other social networking sites is the ability to upload your resume, search for job, and post your own skills for potential employers to see. Similar sites include Jobster, SimplyHired, and Plaxo which all offer the environment and tools to develop and maintain professional connections.

Other types of social networking sites that may be less obvious include online dating sites, gaming forums, niche sites, non-profit organizations, video sites, online magazines and newspapers, and blogs. While Facebook continues to be the leader in social networking sites with over 500 million active members, keep in mind that there are many other social sites intended for different content and connections!

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