Computing Policies and You

Northwest Missouri State University has been the Electronic Campus since 1987, and since then has been on the cutting edge of technology. It is the policy of Northwest Missouri State University to provide its community with the resources (more…)

Project Ara

Motorola Mobile, acquired by Google Inc. in 2011, recently revealed its new venture called Project Ara. This project is an open-source initiative for modular smartphones with the aim to create an ecosystem that can support third party hardware development (more…)

Northwest Tablet Review

Tablets for today’s college student have become not only trendy but a necessity for some. There has been debate on whether Northwest should invest in tablets, hybrids, or continue laptops for next year’s university computer program. (more…)

Department Spotlight – MS-ACS Degree

This article shines a spotlight on one of the most reputed departments in Northwest Missouri State University. The Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems (more…)

Getting Fancy in the Phone Department

With Google’s purchase of Motorola and Microsoft’s buy out of Nokia, the future of mobile devices is looking bright. Perhaps it is time to set the iPhones and Galaxys down folks because these two iconic companies are unleashing top notch, innovative phones. (more…)

Is Wearable Technology the Future?

As social media becomes more and more popular, people are looking for ways to stay connected with friends at all times and to share every moment of their lives. Sure, your cellphone is pretty much attached to your hip at all times, (more…)

SquareOffs: Choose Your Side

We all have debates with our friends with certain topics, such as: “Who should be voted President? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?” or “What should we eat for dinner tonight? Pizza or Mexican?” (more…)

Shining the Spotlight on ACM

Clubs and organizations are great assets to any student attending college these days. They give you a chance to explore your interests while making some new friends in the process. (more…)

A Guide to Rekindling Your Relationship

Your smartphone is your own personal assistant. It answers questions for you, it entertains you, and it connects you to the people you care about. It is your clock, your calendar, and even your flashlight. (more…)

B.D. Owens Library Tools

There are many tools that are available to faculty,staff, and students within the library. These tools can be helpful with research, writing papers, and reserving rooms for study or work. (more…)